Oak Tree Mobility


We asked our customers why they chose a chair from Oak Tree Mobility
Older Man 1 in vision
I am finding I need more help with getting up – probably played too much football!
Female in vision
I’ve been told raising my legs might help me
Older Man 2 in vision
My family and I agreed ... I needed a bit of assistance getting out of my chair
Female in vision
We just wanted a bit more comfort
Older man 1 in vision
And they gave us £300 part exchange for our old chair!
Male     Voice-over
At Oak Tree Mobility, your comfort is our strength!
And an easy to use handset to gently lift you to your feet.
Our chairs can help make your life easier
With an adjustable high leg lift for more support
With £300 part exchange for any of your old chairs or sofas
Make your life more comfortable
Call for your free brochure   ….  0800 073 0544